The International Colony of Artists in Szigetvár – for the fourth time

Between August 3–12, 2022, Szigetvár welcomed the international summer Colony Artists of the Kapos Art Association of Fine and Applied Arts for the fourth time.

After the change in the political system in Hungary, the first society of artists to be established was the Kapos Art Association of Fine and Applied Arts, founded by 13 artists. There are a great number of exhibitions connected with the name of the Association that have reached national fame in our country. One of these is the National Exhibition of Grotesque Fine and Applied Arts. Kapos Art was established in 1990, – said Klára Halmos, the Secretary of the Kapos ART Association of Fine and Applied Arts and the Chairperson of the International  Colony of Artists in South Danubia to BAMA, the outlet of Baranya County.

  • “When we were celebrating our 30th anniversary, Dr. János Hóvári, the Executive Head of the Representation Office of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS) in Budapest, a former Ambassador of Hungary to Turkey, was also invited and he started to be interested in our work. At that time, our previous estate in Barcs, Somogy County had ceased to exist and we were looking for a new one. It was him who suggested Szigetvár to us. The Association contacted the mayor of Szigetvár, Dr. Péter Vass, asking whether we could hold our summer camp in his town. Our request was granted not only because the Association had a good reputation but also because it was our Association which had provided the basic exhibits of the Zrínyi Exhibition of Banners for the ‘Szigetvár 450’ series of events.”
  • “It’s the first time I’ve been here. This is a wonderful small town with a nice atmosphere. The people here are very friendly and hospitable,” said about the town one of the participants of the international Colony of Artists to the outlet, Károly Pató who received the first prize of the exhibition of the Grotesque. On August 11, an exhibition of the works of the Colony was opened in the Salt House in Szigetvár.

This spring the Colony of Artists in Szigetvár moved to the Yunus Emre Institute in Budapest Turkish Cultural Centre which –in cooperation with the OTS – presented an exhibition with the title ‘The Key to Szigetvár.’ At that time, the Director of the hosts, Mustafa Aydogdu expressed his pleasure that they were able to exhibit the paintings of ‘The Key to Szigetvár’ in the Yunus Emre Institute for three weeks. As he explained, the Institute is planning long term cooperation with the Colony of Artists in Szigetvár, and they have invited the artists to organize an exhibition in Turkey too. Mustafa Aydogdu emphasized since the Year of Friendship between Hungary and Turkey will be held in 2024, the exhibition and the cooperation with Szigetvár should be seen in this framework.

Speaking about the exhibition, János Hóvári said that it was a great honor that an international colony of artists that has been hosted by Szigetvár for some years was able to organize an exhibition in the Yunus Emre Institute in Budapest. This event also demonstrates that the cultural ties between Hungary and Turkey have been developing steadily.

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