Artists from Azerbaijan in Berekfürdő

For two weeks two painters from Azerbaijan will be working in the International Camp of Artists in Berekfürdő, Hungary. The Camp can look back to several decades of traditions. After a pause of two years, it has now been reopened with the Exhibition of Mária Kopacz “My Garden” in the Margit Sebők Gallery.

Spectacular, colorful and vivid paintings have moved to Berekfürdő, to the Margit Sebők Gallery. At the opening of the exhibition, Mayor János Molnár pointed out that the Camp of Painters has been there since 1995 but later they were organizing similar camps for writers and graphic artists, and this has been going on continuously. By now, it has become a tradition that the opening of the International Camp of Artists is held with an exhibition of a prominent painter in order to give this great event its due. This year, it is the exhibition of Mária Kopacz “My Garden” with which the Camp has launched its activities, and both the inhabitants of Berekfürdő and the artists themselves were looking forward to this. For the past two years, because of the COVID 19, the latter were not able to meet and work, or just be together in this beautiful resort. In his opening remarks, the Mayor underlined: since its inception, the International Camp has received about 140 artists from 15 countries, and in such a way, countless of works have been born there.

Imre Szakács, who undertook the job of the artistic leader of the Camp for the first time this year, recalled that the slogan of the event is “aim for the impossible, and then, perhaps, you can achieve the possible.” He expressed his thanks to the leaders of Berekfürdő, the supporters and the organizers for the wonderful opportunity. He was also pleased that this year – as a kind of Eastern Opening – two young painters from Azerbaijan have also joined the Camp. As Imre Szakács said, he, just as the majority of the inhabitants of Berekfürdő, has a soft spot for Central Asia. The Cuman roots have very strong ties with the distant regions, and for this reason, they are especially pleased that this year two artists from Azerbaijan can also present their skills and works.

In her opening remarks, Anikó Lévai recalled that the paintings of Mária Kopacz take people back to their roots, their relations with children. Her works give you the impression that you are in the Garden of Eden. Although the artist has lived in Hungary for a long time, in every single element of her art, the bond with Transylvania can be felt, and it is gentle and deep wisdom that is flowing from her works. “Marika’s works evoke the natural scenes of human life, and offer pleasure and happiness to all those who are fortunate enough to be able to see her wonderful world of colors.” After the opening, Anikó Lévai exchanged a few thoughts with the two young artists from Azerbaijan who showed her their painting techniques, and also the tools with which they will be working in the next two weeks.

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