Nowruz in Lithuania

On May 18, 2022, Nowruz – the Festival Welcoming the Spring – was held in the Town Hall (Rotuse) in Tallinn, Estonia. The event was organized by the Embassies of the member countries (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Hungary as an observer) of the Organization of Turkic States that have a representation in the capital of Estonia, as well by the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Riga, Latvia.

The guest of honor at the celebration was Gismat Gozalov, the Deputy Secretary General of the Organization of Turkic States. In the event, the representatives of the diplomatic corps, members of Parliament, the Commander of the Integrated Unit of the NATO Forces in Lithuania, the senior staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, as well as the leaders and representatives of the Tatar and Karaim minorities in Lithuania, and the Representation Office of the Organization of Turkic States in Budapest.

The closing piece of the musical and dancing performances, presenting the cultural heritage of the organizing countries, was produced by artists from Hungary. After the remarks made by H.E. Ambassador János Hóvári, the Executive Head of the Representation Office, musician and researcher of folklore music Gergely Agócs, singer and performer Julianna Agócs and Turkologist Dávid Somfai Kara took the floor. After them, the world famous Nogai Tatar musician and singer Arslanbek Sultanbekov came to the stage. His program, built on presenting the kinship of the motifs of ancient Hungarian and Nogai melodies was a great success. During the reception concluding the event, the 200 guests were able to taste the characteristic dishes of the organizing countries.

The original version of the performance by the Hungarians participants was provided by one of the guests of the event, Professor Adas Jakubauskas. The Representation Office avails itself of the opportunity to express its thanks to the political and social researcher, the Head of the Association of the Lipka Tatars in Lithuania.

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