The City of Bursa Introduced itself in Brussels

The city of Bursa in Turkey, which this year holds the title of the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World, moved to Brussels, to the building of the European Parliament for two days. In the framework of the event, panel discussions, an exhibition, musical and gastronomic programs were organized. H. E. Ambassador János Hóvári, the Executive Head of the Representation Office of the Organization of Turkic States in Budapest and Ali Kilicarslan Topuz, the Turkish project manager of the Office participated in the meeting.

The event in Brussels was held at the initiative of Ryszard Czarnecki, the Polish Representative of the EP and İpek Tekdemir-Rupp, the Secretary General of the EU–Turkey Friendship Group with the coordination of TURKSOY, the International Organization of Turkic Culture. In his opening remarks, Sultan Rayev, the Secretary General of TURKSOY, which is responsible for the project of the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World, emphasized that „with this project, we are making efforts to make our ancient cities in the vast territory inhabited by Turkish peoples known all over the world. With this program, our cities, which wave our cultural flag, represent poets, writers, composers, painters, photographers and representatives of culture and art of our geography. It brings together the representatives of other branches of art with the meetings held, and on this occasion makes unique contributions to cultural integration.”

In his address, Ambassador János Hóvári pointed out that Bursa was one of the cities that are able to preserve their traditions and would like to secure their future through sustainability, as well as by protecting the intellectual and physical environment – within the conditions offered by modernization.

The Mayor of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Alinur Aktaş expressed his pride that he is able to promote Bursa, the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World in 2022 in Brussels, in the heart of Europe. “Bursa is also a European city.” Alinur Aktaş underlined that the city, which received the title of the first “European city” in Turkey, is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey with its economic and social harmony, natural beauties, healing underground waters, summer and winter tourism opportunities. Alinur Aktaş also announced that the 4th World Nomadic Games, known as the Turkish World’s Olympics, will be held in Iznik (Bursa) on September 29 – October 2, and the International Turkish World Half Marathon will be held in Bursa for the first time in Turkey and in the world.

E. Ambassador Mehmet Kemal Bozay, the Permanent Representative of Turkey at the European Parliament, said that he was overjoyed to be at the EP for an artistic event for the first time, and that a bridge will be built between the capitals of the Turkish world through cuisine and music, which can be seen within the context of the concept of connectivity, which is very important in the EP.

The city of Bursa was awarded the title of the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World 2022 by the 38th session of the Permanent Council of the Ministers of Culture of TURKSOY. TURKSOY is conducting activities in order to make Turkic culture, language, history, arts, traditions and customs known for future generations. Besides this, TURKSOY is responsible for awarding the title of the Cultural Capital of the Turkic World and the coordinating work in connection with this.

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