OTS Secretary General was received by Prime Minister of Hungary

Congratulating Secretary General Omuraliev for his appointment to the post of the Secretary General of the OTS, Prime Minister Orbán emphasized that Hungary has always nurtured deep ties with the Turkic World and reiterated the Hungarian side’s commitment to achieving the goals of the OTS towards fostering multidimensional cooperation and increasing people-to-people contacts and cultural exchange among its Member and Observer States by promoting their rich heritage and shared values.

Secretary General Omuraliev highlighted that having taken the lead of many initiatives and actively participating in a wide range of cooperation activities, Hungary has made valuable contributions to the Organization’s sectorial efforts, particularly in the economic field with its robust foreign policy orientation called “Eastern Opening.”
Prime Minister Orbán expressed continuous support to the initiatives within the OTS to facilitate and further strengthen economic, trade and investment ties, and restated Hungary’s readiness to actively participate in the activities within the Organization aimed at implementing the decisions taken at the Samarkand Summit.

Considering the recent developments taking place in the region surrounding the OTS countries and in the globe, Secretary General Omuraliev and Prime Minister Orbán exchanged views and shared their visions on furthering practical cooperation in priority areas such as transport and energy, agriculture, and water management.

In this sense, Omuraliev and Orbán emphasized the important role of the OTS Drought Prevention Institute to be established in Budapest to reduce the negative effects of drought and its economic impact on the Turkic countries, leveraging Hungary’s expertise and experience in water management and drought prevention.

Underlining the relevance of cultural, educational, youth, and sports activities within the OTS, the parties expressed their readiness to actively involve Hungarian universities in the Turkic University Union to discover opportunities for enhanced cooperation among the universities, and agreed to support scheduled events, including the World Nomad Games, Turan Kurultaj and Teqball tournaments. They also discussed the vital role of the Representation Office of the OTS in Budapest in promoting cooperation between the OTS countries and Hungary, as well as the European Institutions.

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