Viktor Orbán – The Role of the OTS is Enhancing

The recent global developments have been tumultuous and the policies in Europe are overwhelmed by grave challenges – emphasized Prime Minister Viktor Orbán during the Tenth Summit of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS) in Astana.

In his remarks at the Summit, PM Orbán said that we are facing difficult dilemmas, and the answers that we in Europe are going to give will have a strong impact on the relations between the continent and the Turkic world. The Prime Minister stated that from the point of view of Europe since the end of the Cold War global security finds itself in its worst condition now. He underlined that “in the past thirty years the situation has never been as difficult and complicated as it is now.” He remembered the participants of the Council of Presidents that the Russian–Ukrainian war has been going on for one and a half years, there is an armed conflict in the Middle East, the terror threat in the countries of the European Union is becoming more and more serious, and the shock waves of migration cannot be stopped at the borders of Europe, the only exception to the latter is Hungary. Within a short time the world economy has collapsed twice, once because of the COVID, once because of the war in Ukraine while the prices of energy have increased which greatly damages the competitiveness of Europe.

“The dilemma in Europe is what the continent is interested in. In forming blocks in the world economy, or the developing of the global links, interconnectivity,” stressed the Prime Minister. One trend would like to push Europe toward forming blocks. First they cut the threads of the economic foundation of the cooperation between Europe and Russia, and now they are arguing whether they should restrict the ties with the East – including those with China. According Viktor Orbán the other trend – that Hungary too belongs to – would like to strengthen the cooperation, and can see in mutual dependence an opportunity to enhance competitiveness and development. “For this reason, we would like the next period to be the time of connectivity and global links,” underlined the Prime Minister. He added that as far as he knows the Turkic world, it is the “champion of connectivity.” He is convinced that the route that they have been taking in the past years is the correct one.

The Prime Minister also touched on the dispute concerning the war between Ukraine and Russia, pointing out that for all those on the European continent, including the Hungarians, this conflict poses a direct risk. “One and a half years have passed, and I must say that the European strategy has obviously failed.” The plan was that the fighting is done by Ukraine, and we in the West provide the money and the weapons. In such a way, Ukraine will win and Russia will lose on the battlefield. So there will be changes in Moscow, and we will be able to reach agreements with the new Russian leadership. In the Prime Minister’s words this was an ambitious and logical plan, but it is not working. So now the question on the European political agenda is whether to face the realities and work out a Plan B. The EU is now discussing whether to provide Ukraine with EUR50billion. In Orbán Viktor’s judgment this is a sign that the majority still believe that the former, already failed strategy should be continued and financed. This dispute generates great tension among the EU members, and will last for at least two months.

“I am pleased to inform the Council of Presidents that Hungary is urging a Plan B that is aimed at a ceasefire, peace talks, the building of a new security architecture in Europe, and which is reassuring for Ukraine and is acceptable for the Russians too.” The Prime Minister expressed his conviction that within the new security architecture in Europe Türkiye and through Türkiye the Turkic world must be present. Without Türkiye it is not possible to imagine a sustainable European security structure for a long time. In the current international situation, the role of the OTS is enhancing. So far the Turkic states have been able to mitigate the conflicts and reduce the risk of escalation. “Hungary wishes to continue to strengthen these policies in the OTS.”

Prime Minister Orbán reiterated that Hungary is ready to participate in the work of the Turkic Investment Fund, and maintains its previous commitment to contribute EUR100 million. He expressed his thanks for Hungary being able to join the work of the Green Financial Council. He reminded the members of the Council of Presidents that Hungary belongs to the group of twenty countries in the world the GDP of which is growing by parallelly reducing its emission of pollutants.

Viktor Orbán expressed his thanks to Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the President of Kazakistan for being invited, remarking that he was more than pleased to come to the Summit. He also wished President Tokayev a successful rotating presidency. The Prime Minister also expressed the “respect of the Hungarian people” for President Erdogan, and also on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Türkiye. As he put it, “we, Hungarians do know what a fantastic achievement this was a hundred years ago. This was something that a hundred years ago we, Hungarians, unfortunately, did not manage to do.” Viktor Orbán also thanked President Erdogan for his efforts to restore peace in Europe.

The Prime Minister also greeted President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, thanking him for successfully leading the work of the OTS in a very difficult and complicated period of time.” PM Orbán also wished President Ilham Aliyev a lot of success in his work to stabilize the region, and wished him success with the reconstruction of Karabakh.

(Hungarian News Agency)

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