The Camp of Creative Work in Szigetvár

It is for the first time that the refurbished exhibition hall of the Zrínyi Castle in Szigetvár has become the home of the works of the Estate of Artists. The exhibition presents the works produced in the past years by the graphic artists and painters who are currently visiting the town. The display shows the delicate world of various styles and moods of fine art. The exhibition will be open till September 20, 2023.

In the future, another exhibition of the works that were produced during the time of the Camp in August is being planned by the organizers. The Camp of the Kapos Art Association of Fine and Applied Arts was supported by the local government of Szigetvár, as well as the Representation Office of the Organization of Turkic States in Hungary.

The Zrínyi Castle in Szigetvár is one of the most significant monuments in Southern Danubia, Hungary. It has been a Site of National Memorial since 2016, and this year it was awarded the prize the Monument of the Year. It is in this place, in the emblematic site of the Hungarian – Turkish historical memory that the Camp of Creative Work has – under the guidance of Klára Halmos – been operating for five years. This is the Camp that welcomes not only local and Hungarian artists but foreign artists as well. One of the foreign guests – a lady painter – arrived from Trabzon in Türkiye, the sister city of Szigetvár. This year the exhibition, displaying the works produced in the past years, was opened at the beginning of the Camp and in the renovated exhibition hall of the Castle. The exhibition was organized by painter András Vörös who is also the director of art. During the opening ceremony a taste of dances, songs and instrumental music was offered to the visitors who were further inspired by Szigetvár and the unique venue. In such a way, besides the various multiplying procedures of graphic art and painting, it is dancing and music that have also appeared in the Camp, held in a historical environment, an environment in which the Castle and its neighborhood inspire people, and where creative work is a unique experience.

For 28 years since 1991 the Camp of Artists was working in Barcs. It was in 2015 that Turkologist János Hóvári, the late Executive Head of the Representation Office of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS), who passed away at the beginning of August, approached the artists to prepare a joint project to remember the 450th anniversary of the siege. This project was the display of banners to decorate the walls of the Castle.

The Representation Office of the OTS supported the Camp this year too. With the realization of the display this year the organizers are already preparing for the Hungarian – Turkish Cultural Year of 2024. The organizers have also received an invitation to hold an exhibition in Türkiye.

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